Anne Arundel County+Annapolis+Highland Beach Certified as Bee City USA Affiliate–First City/County Partnership To Do So!

PictureBumble bee on echinacea at Honey’s Harvest Farm pollinator garden. Photo: Anna Chaney

Good things are happening for pollinators in Maryland! The Maryland Pollinator Protection Act recently banned neonicotinoid pesticide sales to people who are not certified as pesticide applicators, AND Anne Arundel County joined forces with its municipalities–Annapolis and Highland Beach, to apply for Bee City USA certification.

​In addition to the county commissioners and city council members who voted in favor of protecting pollinators, thanks to the leadership of Anna Chaney (owner of Honey’s Harvest Farm), Lisa Barge (Agricultural Marketing & Development Manager for the Anne Arundel Economic Development Corporation) and Maria Broadbent (Director of the City of Annapolis Department of Neighborhood & Environmental Programs) for building the coalition to make this innovative collaboration happen.

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