Bee City USA & Bee Campus USA Affiliates Prepare for National Pollinator Week, June 18-24

While Bee City USA and Bee Campus USA affiliates can (and do) host pollinator conservation awareness events throughout the year, many choose to take advantage of National Pollinator Week, June 18-24 (this year’s third full week in June).

Across America,  affiliates are asking their city councils to make proclamations for National Pollinator Week as well as hosting educational garden walks, inspiring and informative movies, expert presentations, habitat enhancement events, or scavenger hunts at farmers markets to link pollinators to our diets.

Consider registering your event(s) on the Pollinator Partnership’s National Pollinator Week calendar here.

You can get full instructions and supplies for leading a scavenger hunt at your local farmers market from a previous Bee City USA E-News here.

Need attractive educational resources for your pollinator awareness activities? In partnership with the North American Pollinator Protection Campaign (NAPPC), NRCS (the Natural Resources Conservation Service) will ship up to 5 free (no shipping costs either) gorgeous Pollinator Week posters. This year’s theme is Pollinators and Seeds. Order your 18″ x 36″ posters here. Past posters are available here (use “pollinator” as the keyword). Some may be downloaded as PDFs, while other hard copies can be ordered FREE OF CHARGE.  For example, the fabulous “Trees for Bees” poster, one of the series the Pollinator Partnership produces each year, is available in boxes of 10. We laminate our posters and bring them to our events. 

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