Bee City USA Presentation at Smithsonian Earth Optimism Summit Now Available Online

Bee City USA director, Phyllis Stiles, speaking at Smithsonian’s Earth Optimism Summit on April 22, 2017 during At Home with Conservation “Deep Dive” segment. Stiles’ presentation runs from the 41 minute to the 58 minute mark, followed by (the not-to-be-missed) Dr. Doug Tallamy of Bringing Nature Home.

In an effort to highlight the many on-the-ground conservation efforts that are working around the world, the Smithsonian hosted its first Earth Optimism Summit over Earth Day weekend this year.  Now you can virtually experience the Summit from the comfort of your home: they have posted the presentations on line.

Attended by about 2000 people, seven plenaries and 35 “deep dives”  featured 237 presenters including a photographer who raised global awareness of the value of the Ross Sea; a conservationist who pushed for protecting lemurs – and then whole parks – in Madagascar; a National Geographic Explorer who protects seascapes; a Smithsonian scientist whose team helped coffee growers grow bird-friendly coffee protecting migratory birds. The Summit also featured conservation artists–performance and visual. Leah Barclay introduced us to the concept of acoustic ecology in the oceans.

Beyond the Summit, 19 Earth Optimism events were held in museums and galleries of the Smithsonian in Washington, New York, Anacostia and Panama City, Panama. In 10 countries around the world – from Colombia to New Zealand – sister organizations hosted 26 events celebrating their own success stories and inspiring hope for the planet.   
We thank the the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute, and particularly Gary Krupnick, Head of the Plant Conservation Unit in the Department of Botany, for inviting Bee City USA to tell the pollinator conservation story. Phyllis Stiles was the fourth of five speakers in the session, starting at the 41 minute mark.

We hope you feel as inspired and energized by the Summit as we were, and will continue to spread the message of Earth Optimism focused on real solutions to create positive change for people and the planet.

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