Breaking News from Lowe’s & Center for Food Safety!

First Home Depot required nurseries to label plants treated with neonicotinoid pesticides, and now Lowe’s has made a commitment to phasing out sales of products that contain them.

According to Lowe’s 2015 Corporate Social Responsibility Report: Lowe’s is committed to regularly reviewing the products and information they offer customers and they’re taking the following actions to support pollinator health:

  • Including greater organic and non-neonic product selections
  • Phasing out the sale of products that contain neonic pesticides within 48 months as suitable alternatives become commercially available
  • Working with growers to eliminate the use of neonic pesticides on bee-attractive plants they sell
  • Encouraging growers to use biological control programs
  • Educating employees and customers through in-store resources such as brochures, fact sheets and product labels

Thanks to Friends of the Earth U.S., the Center for Food Safety, and all the individuals that sent emails, posted on social media, and rallied in front of Lowe’s stores. 

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