Buy A Cup of Coffee to Support Bee City USA at Green Sage Cafe


​If you’re in Asheville, bring your travel mug and stop by one of Green Sage Café’s three locations to purchase a tasty beverage to support Bee City USA®.

From January 1 to April 30, 2017, Green Sage Café has chosen Bee City USA to be its “Cup Worthy” recipient!  
The Cup Worthy program is one element of Green Sage Café’s commitment to sustainability. The program donates ​20 cents to a local nonprofit every  time a 

customer supplies a reusable travel mug for their to-go beverage rather than using a paper cup. Americans use an estimated 16 billion paper cups annually! Yikes, that translates to over 6.5 million trees cut down per year!
Bee City USA® is honored and grateful to Green Sage Café for the financial support and the publicity for our work of making the world safer for pollinators, one city and one campus at a time.

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