First National Conference on Protecting Pollinators in Ornamental Landscapes Resounding Success!


For this week’s conference in Hendersonville, NC, Michigan State University and NC State University are to be commended for pulling together a very diverse audience of pollinator researchers and educators, plant growers, the pesticide industry, and others to discuss the role of each in welcoming more pollinators into urban landscapes. Luminaries included Dr. Dave Goulson of the University of Sussex, Dr. Rufus Isaacs of Michigan State University, Dr. James Frazier of Penn State University, and Dr. Nigel Raine of the University of Guelph, among many others. While passions soared over the pesticide issue, the moderator successfully appealed for civil dialogue. We look forward to the next conference in 2-3 years.

Bee City USA Director, Phyllis Stiles, managed to get a photo with one of her heroes, U.K. bumblebee expert, Dr. Dave Goulson.

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