Nectar Flow Perfume Formulated to Benefit Bee City USA


Nectar Flow is now available on line.
A few years ago, certified aromatherapist Katie Vie was struck when her client, who happened to be a beekeeper, mentioned the “nectar flow.” She loved the phrase immediately, and knew a perfume would come of it. 

Vie wants us all to better understand the relationship between plants, the pollinators, and us, so she is donating $16 of each sale of Nectar Flow Perfume directly to Bee City USA! 

In nature, the nectar flow is when an abundance of major nectar sources are blooming all at once, and the weather is nice, allowing bees to feed freely, and nourish their hives. Thus, the perfume Nectar Flow is mostly comprised of aromas that are found in the flower of plants.  Like the blooming smorgasbord of Summer Solstice; Vie thinks it must smell like what a pollinator might experience as they navigate their habitat. There is honeysuckle absolute, wild lavender and tobacco, along with bergamot and petitgrain. It is sweet and herbal, with a fleeting quality reminiscent of the nectar flow itself.  

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