“Pollinators & The City,” An Outstanding Article

PicturePhoto: Nancy Adamson

Sit back and enjoy the beautifully articulated article written by Landscape Designer Danielle Bilot for THE FIELD: The Professional Landscape Architects Network

Danielle has masterfully explained why Bee City USA was launched:  “Urban areas have their own challenges [as opposed to agricultural areas] in creating integrative biological solutions, but cities are in a unique position to create a safe haven for pollinators because of the quantity and dispersal of underused land use types. Roadside strips, medians, surface parking lots, etc. all possess great potential to contribute positively toward natural ecosystems, but currently most hold very little ecological value. We have forgone diversity in the urban landscape for ease of permitting/maintenance, mass plant production techniques, and over-manicured aesthetics.”

Thank you, Danielle.  We agree, there is much we can do to sustain pollinators in urban and suburban areas.

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