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Tips for Filling out Your Annual Report

It’s renewal season! We are excited to learn about your 2022 Bee City and Bee Campus pollinator conservation achievements. We’ve rounded up some advice to help ensure your renewal process goes smoothly. Thank you for taking the time to share your work and for being a part of our community.

First, some renewal deadlines

If your city or campus was first certified* in:

  • 2021 or earlier: Your renewal deadline is February 28, 2023.
  • 2022: Your first renewal deadline is February 29, 2024. After that, you will renew annually.
  • 2023: your first renewal deadline is February 28, 2025. After that, you will renew annually.

*Note: You can view your city/campus certification date when you login, under the “About” tab.

Quick tips
  1. Start by reviewing your past affiliate renewal reports under the Our Work page.
  2. Is this your city’s/campus’s first renewal? Look over other affiliates’ renewal reports.
  3. Need inspiration? Read the Bee City blog’s Affiliate Spotlights to see how other cities and campuses talk about their work.
  4. Gather a variety of photos: action shots, closeups, gardens at peak bloom. Show off!
  5. Short on time? Prioritize gathering statistics and photos, then reuse relevant content you’ve created already, such as in grant reports, webinar descriptions, social media, articles, and press releases. Recycling is good!
  6. Do you want to share any lessons learned? Any advice for other cities and campuses?
  7. Feel free to promote your partnerships. Who helped you succeed? What did they do?
  8. Consider including quotes from participants, officials, or staff.
How to report
  1. Ready to report? Login.
    • Don’t know your login credentials? Email us at [email protected].
    • There is one login per affiliate. You are welcome to share your credentials within your committee.
    • Update your “About” and “Profile” tabs:
      • If needed, update your Bee City/Campus Committee List: include names, job titles, and email addresses. We encourage you to have at least one parks/grounds/landscape staffer on your committee. Committees should have at least 3 members.
      • Upload your city’s/campus’s: integrated pest management (IPM) plan, recommended native plant list, recommended native plant supplier list
  2. Before you start your report, skim the Renewal Preview and Renewal Tutorial documents on your “Renewal” tab.
  3. How much should you write? No need to write a novel. Finished reports are usually 2-4 pages (with photos). A few sentences or paragraphs per question is usually fine.
  4. Finished with your report? Mark it as “Ready for Review” at the top of the “Renewal” page and save your report by clicking the “Update” button at the bottom of the page.
  5. Proceed to the “Fee Payment” tab:
    • Whether you are paying by check or credit card, click the “Make Payment” button.
    • Renewal invoices and our W-9 are included on the “Fee Payment” tab.
    • Fees are based on population/student enrollment, so be sure you have updated this information on your “Profile” tab.
    • If your city/campus was an Early Adopter (one of our first affiliates) you do not need to pay the renewal fee. If you’re not sure, email us at [email protected].
What happens next?

We process and approve renewal reports on a rolling basis from February through May. In early June, we will post the 2022 annual report on our blog and upload all affiliate reports on Our Work page, under “Affiliate Renewal Reports.”

We use these reports to track your progress and our collective progress, and as an educational resource for affiliates and the public.

Please feel free to reach out if you need any support. Thank you for the amazing, inspiring work that everyone is doing and your dedication to making the world a better place!


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