“Treehugger” Site Talks About Carrboro’s Decision to Become a Bee City USA


A Carrboro resident, writer Sami Grover published a Treehugger blog on October 20 that ended with this statement: “…while I might be tempted, at first, to question the value of ‘prominent signage’ to the health of bees. In actuality, however, this might be one of the most important aspects of becoming a Bee City. By encouraging the community to self-identify as leaders in bee protection, it leverages civic pride, marketing and a generous dose of peer pressure to encourage everyone to do their part, both for bees and for the local community.” 

 Sami Grover is a writer, and Creative Director at The Change Creation, a brand creation agency that works with entities who make the world better, fairer or truer. Clients include Larry’s Beans, Burt’s Bees, Canaan Fair Trade and Jada Pinkett Smith/Overbrook Entertainment. 

Thanks to Mr. Grover for helping us explain the rationale behind the five standards of being a Bee City USA community.

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