Ypsilanti, Michigan, Steps Up For Pollinators!


Congratulations to Mayor Amanda Edmonds and the people of Ypsilanti, Michigan, the 12th city to be certified a Bee City USA! City Council voted  unanimously on June 16 to approve their Bee City USA resolution and to file a complete application committing to:

  1. maintain a committee that will meet regularly to address pollinator issues, 
  2. publicly acknowledge their Bee City USA certification, 
  3. hold at least one annual public education and habitat restoration activity, and 
  4. annually reapply for certification.

A founder of “Ypsi Melissa,” a community organization which offers workshops, beekeeping mentoring, bee gardens, hive sponsorship, and a hive host program, Jamie Berlin was the inspiration behind both Ypsilanti’s and the Charter Township of Ypsilanti’s applications.

Kudos to Jamie and the members of the Ypsilanti Bee City Committee who are making the world safer for pollinators, one city at a time!

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