2024 Earth Week Promo Kit: Microhabitats


Our theme this year is “microhabitats”! Read Matthew Shepherd’s blog Tiny Places For Tiny Animals: Building The Microhabitats That Bugs Need To Thrive for inspiration.

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  • Text: “Protect Pollinators this Earth Week: 1) Grow bee-friendly flowers, 2) Provide nesting sites, 3) Avoid pesticides, 4) Spread the word! To learn more visit BeeCityUSA.org #bees #BeeCityUSA #BeeCampusUSA”
  • Text: [Share a pollinator conservation project your city/campus has accomplished] [link to your Bee City/Campus webpage]
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Bee City USA: 4 steps for help pollinators


Bee City USA: Happy Earth Week


Bee Campus USA: 4 steps for help pollinators


Bee Campus USA: Happy Earth Week





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