Bee Audacious Conference Was!

More than 100 bee advocates were invited to participate in a 3-day conference in Marin County, California from December 10-13. The public summary presentation by thought leaders Mark Winston, Tom Seeley, Marla Spivak, Jim Frazier, William Klett, Stephen Martin, Heather Mattila, and Chaz Mraz will be held tonight at Dominican University.

Conference organizer Bonnie Morse would have been hard-pressed to find an opening speaker who could have charged us to be more audacious–Larry Brilliant, the first leader of and a leader of a public health team that successfully eradicated small pox as  a public health threat.

The conference mantra was to be open-minded and think big. Stay tuned for the audacious ideas spawned by both a sense of urgency to reverse pollinator declines and a willingness to listen intently to one another.  

Representatives from five Bee City USA affiliates attended:  Laura Bee from Ashland, OR; Sharon Schmidt from Phoenix, OR; Bob Redmond from Seattle, WA; Patricia Algara from San Francisco, CA; and Phyllis Stiles, director of Bee City USA, from Asheville, NC.

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