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Benefits to your community

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Ensure survival of vital animal species

Help to ensure the survival of vital animal species crucial to our planet's functioning ecosystems.

Build community locally and nationally

Bring your community together around a positive, shared cause and connect with others across the country that have made the same commitment.

Improve local food production

Raise community awareness of how our food grows and improve local food production through expanded pollination.

Support small businesses

Support the growth of local businesses including native plant nurseries and pollinator friendly landscaping.

Address pest problems with fewer pesticides

Raise community awareness of the least toxic ways to tackle home and garden pest problems. Mobilize your community to remove non-native invasive plants to make way for locally native plant species.

Heighten awareness of biological diversity

Raise community awareness of the local environment’s diversity of plant and pollinator species.

Mailed Welcome Package With Pollinator Conservation Resources

Receive a mailed welcome package including Xerces Society books and guidelines, Bee City USA or Bee Campus USA brochures and bookmarks, and a pollinator habitat sign.

Access to an Online Affiliate Portal

Gain access to an affiliate portal where you can explore a variety of resources including helpful information for creating an Integrated Pest Management plan, native plant list, and native plant supplier list. Through the portal affiliates can also interact with other affiliates using the online forum, post their events to the community calendar, and view materials to assist with outreach and education.

Custom Logo and Street Sign Artwork

As an affiliate you will receive files for a custom affiliate logo that can be used on any materials associated with your work as well as artwork for a street sign.

Access to Training Opportunities

Affiliates will be invited to attend training opportunities, workshops, and webinars on a variety of topics including Integrated Pest Management, planting to support pollinators, and outreach and education.

Support From Pollinator Conservation Experts

Gain access to Xerces pollinator conservation staff across the country. Affiliates are welcome to contact the Xerces Society for one on one support.

Recognition of Conservation Work

Affiliates of Bee City USA and Bee Campus USA gain national recognition for their work to conserve pollinators. Affiliates are listed on the Bee City USA website and can use their affiliation to promote their community’s commitment to conservation. There are also opportunities for affiliates to share their work through presenting as part of webinars and writing blog posts.

AASHE STARS Grounds Certification Exemplary Practice Credit

The Bee Campus USA affiliation earns two Grounds Certification exemplary practice credit points in the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE)’s Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System™ (STARS) system. The STARS system is a transparent, self-reporting framework for colleges and universities to measure their sustainability performance.

Benefits to your coMmittee

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Photo: Jim Cairns / USDA-NRCS
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