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Application steps

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Form a committee.

Every committee will be different, but should include individuals with experience and interests that will help the committee complete the commitments. Committees generally include a mix of volunteers and city staff. The committee should have a chair or multiple co-chairs. This committee should be managed either by the affiliate (i.e. City or County) or a non-profit organization and should have a regular meeting schedule that is open to the public. See the resolution for a full list of requirements associated with the committee.

Assign facilitation to a local government body or non-profit organization.

Assign facilitation of the Bee City USA effort to a new or existing committee. This committee may be based in a local government or with a non-profit organization and may be an existing committee or a newly formed subcommittee.

Designate a local government department as a sponsor.

Designate a local government department as the Bee City USA program and committee sponsor and an employee from that department as the Bee City USA committee liaison. The liaison may or may not serve on the Bee City USA committee, but they facilitate communications between the city, the city staff and elected body, and the Bee City USA committee as needed.

Complete the online application form.

Log in to create a profile and complete the online application form. Your application form will be reviewed once you indicate that it is complete and ready for review.

Complete the draft Bee City USA resolution.

Complete the draft resolution by downloading the template and updating the areas highlighted in yellow. Upload your draft resolution to your online application for approval before submitting it to your local government.

Submit the application and resolution to your local government for approval.

Present your Bee City USA application and resolution to your local government for formal approval and adoption. Make sure you receive a scanned copy of the adopted resolution to upload to your application.

Submit your adopted resolution and pay the application fee.

Submit a scanned copy of your adopted resolution by uploading it to your online application and pay the application fee. Payment information is available once you begin your application. Once the final application, adopted resolution, and fee payment have been submitted, Xerces will notify all contacts listed on the application form of the approval of your application. Application and renewal fees are based on population size.


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Bee City USA Publications

Template Resolution

Use this template to draft your resolution.

Application Preview

This is meant to give you a preview of the application. To complete the application please scroll down and click on "apply now" to access our online portal.

Bee City USA Presentation

This presentation is meant to provide an introduction to the program. It is approximately 15 minutes and you can either download a copy with recommended text to present yourself or the recorded narrated version.

Bee City USA ArcGIS Story Map

View this multimedia presentation to learn more about Bee City USA.

Fact Sheets

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