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Making Your Campus A Bee Campus USA Affiliate Webinar June 20

The Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) is hosting a free webinar entitled “Making Your Campus A Bee Campus USA Affiliate” on June 20 at 3:00-4:30 Eastern Standard Time.

Here’s the webinar description: “While we need pollinators for the reproduction of 90% of the world’s wild plant species and three-quarters of crops, announcements of their national and global staggering declines seem relentless. College campuses can help! They can serve not only as models for pollinator-friendly landscaping practices, but also education and outreach centers for changing our landscaping paradigms. This webinar will explain the application process for becoming a Bee Campus USA affiliate and the commitments entailed. Examples of how current affiliates are fulfilling their commitments will be featured.” Register for the webinar here.

From left to right, the presenters are Elaine Cole, PhD, Portland Community College-Rock Creek, Sustainability Coordinator; Jackie Hamstead, Bee Campus USA-University of North Carolina Asheville, Environmental Specialist; Emily O’Hara, University of Connecticut-Storrs, UConnPIRG Secretary and Save the Bees Campaign Coordinator; and Phyllis Stiles, Executive Director of Bee City USA

Bee City USA also hosts its own occasional webinars, some of which are available hereHere is a current list of all Bee Campus USA affiliates.

Monarch Joint Venture Webinars

  • The FREE Monarch Conservation Webinar Series is a collaboration between the Monarch Joint Venture and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. You can see the excellent 2018 webinar lineup here. Did you miss a webinar? No worries! You can watch the recordings here.
  • Register here for the next webinar on May 22: The Power of Volunteers in Monarch Conservation.
  • Bee City USA is a proud partner of the Monarch Joint Venture.

Other Notable Webinar Series

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