Pesticide Reduction Outreach Kit for Affiliates

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Presentation Modules for Affiliates

Education and outreach to the broader community is a key component of Bee City USA and Bee Campus USA. Affiliate cities and campuses can download and present the two presentations below at local events. We will continue to add more presentations over time, so stay tuned!

Pesticide Reduction at Home

Buying Bee-Safe Plants

Guidelines for Giving a Presentation
  • Practice your presentation out loud beforehand. Time yourself.
  • Familiarize yourself with tougher words, like:
      • Neonicotinoids (nee-oh-NIK-uh-ti-NOYDZ) usually shortened to “neonics” (nee-oh-NICKS)
      • Clothianidin (klo-thy-AN-adin)
      • Dinotefuran (dyno-TEFF-yer-an)
      • Imidacloprid (eh-mid-ah-KLO-prid)
      • Thiamethoxam (thy-ah-me-THOX-am)
      • Flupyradifurone (flu-pie-ra-DYE-fyur-on) aka Flupy (FLU-pee)
      • Cyantraniliprole (sigh-an-tran-ILL-eh-proll)
      • Parasitoid (pair-ah-SIT-toyd)
  • Get familiar with how you can view the notes like the ones we included in the above modules while giving your presentation.
  • Confirm how much time you will have with the event organizers. Make sure you allow time for questions (perhaps 5 to 15 minutes).
  • For in-person events: Arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your presentation to set up and test equipment.
  • For online events: join the meeting at least 15 minutes early and make sure you know how to share the PowerPoint presentation in:
Where to Present?

Your Bee City or Bee Campus committee may receive invitations to speak to local groups from time to time, but have you ever offered to present at an event? We encourage you to seek out opportunities to reach new audiences — people who may want to help bees but don’t know where to start. Here are a few ideas:

  • Approach organizations that meet frequently: service clubs, student groups, 4-H clubs, church groups, neighborhood or homeowners’ associations, parents’ groups.
  • Look for upcoming local festivals, fairs or other large events where there may be time and resources for presentations.
  • Check out online events calendars at your local libraries, senior centers, community centers for more ideas of where you could connect with neighbors and community members.
  • Consider inviting your elected officials and journalists to attend or participate, it can be a great way to boost your message and get a broader community involved.
Prerecorded Presentations

Visit Xerces Society’s YouTube Channel, including Bee City’s playlist!


Thank you for your good work! 

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