Volunteering with Bee City USA & Bee Campus USA is a great way to expand your impact. We will post volunteer positions here as opportunities arise, so if you don’t find something that fits with your interests feel free to check again soon. 

Position Title: Member of the Bee City USA & Bee Campus USA Speakers Bureau

Position description: 

We are seeking members for the newly formed Bee City USA & Bee Campus USA Speakers Bureau. We rely on our affiliates to engage their communities and spread the word about pollinator conservation. In order to expand our outreach and education we are looking for a group of commitment volunteers to give presentations about pollinator conservation and the Bee City USA and Bee Campus USA programs. 

Members will not be required to give any presentations in person, presentations will be given virtually using online platforms like Zoom and will not exceed 1 hour. In the future there may be opportunities for in person presentations in your area. 

Presentations will primarily be given to communities interested in applying to the program as well as current affiliates interested in sharing more about the program with their community. The Bee City USA team will provide volunteers with prepared presentations, a public speaking training opportunity, and opportunities to practice presenting to other members of the Speakers Bureau. 

Members of the Bureau will be encouraged to add to prepared presentations to share their own experiences as an affiliate of Bee City USA or Bee Campus USA. The Bee City USA team will coordinate speaker requests, however members of the Bureau are also encouraged to seek out additional opportunities.

Desired skills and experience: 

  • Enthusiastic about pollinator conservation and excited to spread the word. 
  • Involved in some way with a Bee City USA or Bee Campus USA affiliate.
  • Comfortable public speaking.
  • Proficient with powerpoint, Zoom, and other video conferencing technologies. 
  • Willing to continue learning about the Bee City USA and Bee Campus USA programs in order to accurately represent the programs and answer questions.

Time commitment: 

There will be an initial time commitment involved in practicing a number of presentations, attending a 1 hour public speaking training, and becoming familiar with the Bee City USA and Bee Campus USA programs. Once members of the Speakers Bureau are prepared to begin they will be asked to present as requests are submitted. Frequency of presentations will vary. If you are unable to accept a presentation opportunity it will be passed on to a different member of the Bureau.


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