Pollinator Week Promo Kit for Affiliates: Bee Diversity

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  • Short Text: “Have you heard of the squash bee, polyester bee, leafcutter bee, sweat bee, or cuckoo bee? There are over 3,600 species of bees in the US and they need native flowering plants and protection from pesticides to thrive. As a Bee [City/Campus] USA affiliate we are working to protect these amazing species. Learn more about our work: [link to your Bee City/Campus webpage]” 

  • Short Text: Happy Pollinator Week! Did you know 70% of native bees are ground nesting? Learn more about native bee nests and how you can help: https://xerces.org/pollinator-conservation/nesting-resources

  • Long text: “It’s Pollinator Week! As a Bee [City/Campus] USA affiliate, we’re working to provide habitat for bees and other pollinators across [AFFILIATE NAME] by [EXAMPLES]. But beyond planting flowers and providing places to nest, bees also need pesticide-free habitat. You can help protect bees and other pollinators by eliminating pesticide use in your home yard. Insecticides can kill pollinators directly, while herbicides eliminate the flowers they need – and can even directly harm them. Home gardens can thrive without pesticides – only two percent of insects are considered pests! The vast majority provide important benefits like pollination, pest control, and providing food for other animals. So to celebrate Pollinator Week, consider forgoing pesticides as you create habitat for pollinators. If needed, the @xercessociety website has resources on the principles of alternative pest control. Learn more: https://xerces.org/publications/fact-sheets/smarter-pest-management-protecting-pollinators-at-home.”

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